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Sketch Comedy

Funsplosion sketches will be one of the cornerstones of the Funsplosion hub channel. Anchored by a revolving cast of top Youtube comedic talent, Funsplosion sketches will be: extremely high quality, timely, and keyword driven to effectively ride cultural waves. Possible recurring formats include: fake commercials, parody informercials, parody movie trailers, comedic mini-documentaries, fake “how-to” guides, and more. In addition, weekly single-camera sketches may be buttressed by weekly “live” multi-camera sketches in the style of Saturday Night Live.

Week in Review

In addition to sketch comedy, Funsplosion will also feature a weekly “Week in Review,” comedy news show, “Newsbreakerz,” which will report the news in the exaggerated satirical style of “the Daily Show,” or “Colbert Report.”   This will allow Funsplosion to access an additional comedy market (much like that of “SourceFed“), while offering an avenue for the channel to capitalize even faster on immediate news and cultural trends.


One of the key differences between Youtube and traditional media is access to, and interactivity with the on-camera talent.  Direct interactions with your fan base can make or break a talent in the digital space.  To that end, Funsplosion will feature weekly vlog updates with one or more of your favorite cast members.  These vlogging sessions may feature: direct Q&A’s with the audience, general updates about the talent’s life, or Behind the Scenes videos from recent shoots.  In addition, Funsplosion cast members should be encouraged to provide weekly vlogs on their own personal channels, which will be a part of the Funsplosion network.

Music Video Parodies

A majority of Youtube views are overwhelmingly from music videos, and Funsplosion will seek to capture that audience as well.  Parody/comedy music videos are consistently extremely high performers, as they are able to capitalize on the marketing push behind major music video releases.  On a weekly basis Funsplosion will release music videos: directly parodying famous artists, capitalizing off major keywords, or exploiting current cultural trends.